Alumni Guide

As a member of Wharton’s global alumni network, your conversations about Wharton, your interactions, and your activities shape what others think of the Wharton School.

If you are a Wharton volunteer or part of fund-raising committees and advisory groups, you already work proactively towards Wharton’s future. We appreciate your commitment and welcome the opportunity to work with you to build the Wharton brand.

Below are guidelines for working with the Wharton’s Identity Kit.

What are the most important things I can do as a brand ambassador?

  • Show your Wharton pride. Mention that you are an alumnus/a of the Wharton School.
  • Look for opportunities to tell the Wharton story — and your story.
  • Any use of the Wharton name and logo reflects upon the School. Please follow Wharton’s policies.

When can I use the Wharton name/and, or identity marks?

The Wharton identity marks and name are official identifiers for the School, and are not available for personal use. Alumni clubs recognized by the School have an official designation, and the School has a special program in place for these clubs. A Wharton Alumni logo has been created specifically for official alumni club use, and is the only logo approved for club use.

What are the clubs officially recognized by the School allowed to use?

Regional representatives and alumni clubs that are officially recognized by the School may use the Wharton name and Wharton Alumni logo as described in the Alumni Club Graphic Standards guide for club stationery, announcements, and newsletters. This use is limited to communication to and among current and prospective club alumni or in the execution of club business. Clubs interested in reviewing the Graphic Standards guide should contact Alumni Relations.

The University’s or School’s name must not be used in any announcement, advertising matter, publication, correspondence, or report in connection with personal or non-University or non-School activities if such use in any way could be construed as implying University or School endorsement of or responsibility for any project, product, or service.

What about the alumni clubs not officially recognized by the School?

Alumni clubs that are not recognized by the School may not use the Wharton name and marks as described in the Club Graphic Standards guide for club stationery, announcements, and newsletters. A prospective club that wishes to use the Wharton name and/or Wharton Alumni logo marks for any use should get approval through Alumni Relations for its intended purpose, distribution, and design.

What is the special branding program for Wharton Alumni Clubs?

The Alumni Club Graphic Standards guide covers use of the alumni club marks, stationery and development of other collateral. It is recommended that Alumni Clubs follow these general guidelines. These guidelines will not replace the need for most clubs to use professional resources for layout and production. These guidelines should, however, make that process more efficient and straightforward.  To review the Graphic Standards Guide for clubs, contact Alumni Relations.

Note: The Circle-W has been retired and is no longer an official Wharton Mark.

Do you have guidelines for alumni club websites?

The Wharton School provides a website platform for officially recognized alumni clubs to use at no cost to the club. The website platform provides a consistent look and feel for all club websites, and clubs on the platform receive support from the School as well as a nightly exchange of data. Alumni clubs interested in launching a website should contact Alumni Relations.

The following text must be included at the bottom of the site’s homepage for purposes of authentication:

This website is produced and administered by the Wharton Club of [location of club], a chartered alumni club of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. All contents are the responsibility of the club.

How do I order or create Wharton merchandise?

Officially recognized Wharton Clubs may use the special Wharton Alumni logo for merchandise related to specific events, but are not permitted to sell the merchandise. Wharton alumni and alumni clubs are not permitted to create any merchandise with the Wharton name or official Wharton logo marks.

Wharton alumni: Visit the Penn Bookstore or the Wharton Store to order Wharton merchandise online.

Wharton Alumni Clubs: Contact Alumni Relations for assistance with ordering custom Wharton Alumni branded merchandise and supplies.

How do I get the Alumni Wharton Logo?

Official representatives of a Wharton Club should contact Alumni Relations to receive a copy of the Alumni Club Brand Standards guide. The Wharton Alumni logo marks approved for official club use can be found here.

Any club that wishes to use the Wharton name and/or logo marks for more than the standard uses should get approval through Alumni Relations for its intended purpose, distribution, and design.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Questions and requests can be sent via e-mail to