Can I Use the Wharton Logo?

Can I use the Wharton name/marks on my event?

The special version of the Wharton logo created for students may be used. Because the Wharton brand is a reflection of the Wharton community as a whole, it may only be used for student events which reflect Wharton’s mission and the values embodied in our brand.

If you feel your event fits in our values, you can contact your Program Office or fill out the Student Logo Request Form.

Can I use the Wharton name/marks for my own activities?

The School retains the right to control use of the Wharton name in any activity that affiliates itself with the Wharton School.

The University or School name must not be used in any announcement, advertising matter, publication, correspondence, or report, in connection with personal or non-University/non-School activities, unless previously authorized. In some cases, a disclaimer of University or School endorsement may be required.

Can I use the Wharton name/marks for student organizations?

The Wharton logo, or parts thereof, cannot be used in their own logos.

Student organizations and events should be named such as to cause no confusion with an official entity or activity of the School. Please have the relevant program office review the name.

Official student clubs are granted the use of the Wharton name for their club name only.

Can I use Wharton Student Logo on merchandise?

When approval is given for use of the student-initiative version of the Wharton logo, that approval does not automatically include use of the logo on merchandising associated with the event. Only an official division of the School can authorize use on merchandise – in this case, your relevant Wharton Program Office.

If you are an officially recognized club, the University allows use of the shield with the name of the club, followed by “at Penn” or in this case, “at Wharton.” This allows the club to acknowledge the connection the University without using any logos or trademarks.

If students pay for the items themselves, it’s not exempt from royalties. If they pay through a University/internal account, then it is exempt from royalties.

All requests must go through a licensed vendor. This way the design and vendor are checked and approved. Penn Purchasing Services has selected three preferred suppliers for the purchase of promotional items and apparel: Promoversity, Geiger and Proforma Spectrum Graphics.

Find additional, licensed and approved promotional items suppliers by visiting

How do I handle sponsorship from external entities?

Student organizations that receive sponsorship for their events can add sponsor logos to their materials. The use of sponsor logos on materials should in no way suggest endorsement by the Wharton School. In addition, use of any sponsor/company logo on student organization materials should be accompanied by permission from the relevant entities.

The Wharton logo does not share space with other logos, except when it is a sponsor, and placed with other sponsors.

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