Faculty and Staff Guide

Use the Brand Standards Kit

The Wharton Marketing and Communications site has an Identity Kit and Guide, with templates and examples.

Office Stationery & Business Cards

These policies are intended to ensure that the use of Wharton’s name and logo marks is limited to individuals and divisions/departments affiliated with the School. Note: e-letterhead requests should be handled through your BA.

Ordering Information

Wharton letterhead, envelopes, and business cards are ordered from Maximum Graphics — the only authorized printer for Wharton stationery.

An exception may be made for bulk mailings.

Orders must be placed, or authorized, by the BA of the unit to which they will be billed. Individual faculty and staff members may not place personal orders. Go through Penn Marketplace to order.

Office Stationery

Generic office stationery is appropriate for use by all faculty, staff, and adjunct personnel only for purposes that relate directly to School business for that department. Use is strictly limited to approved School-related communication.

Wharton letterhead and envelopes may not be used for personal correspondence.

Letterhead and business cards may not be used for the purpose of soliciting private business.



Personalized stationery and business cards are authorized only for full-time standing faculty, practice professors, and emeritus faculty, and for full-time professional and academic support staff who correspond frequently under their own signatures for purposes that relate directly to School business for that unit.

Business cards, at the discretion of the department, may be authorized for adjunct faculty with the approval of the department chairperson and business administrator (BA). Adjunct faculty may use letterhead associated with the unit for which they are working. Because their affiliation with the School is renewable, business cards for adjunct faculty and full-time lecturers must carry the current years of affiliation.

Visiting faculty, part-time lecturers, senior fellows and postdoctoral students — because of their limited, renewable association with the School — do not qualify for business cards or personalized letterhead. They may use letterhead associated with the unit for which they are working. For professional staff other than directors, personalized letterhead must be approved by their supervisor and BA.

As a rule, envelopes should not be personalized. Office envelopes and labels are appropriate for use with personalized stationery.

Style Guide

The information hierarchy of the address block applies to all stationery components in the Wharton identity program. Use the same standards for addresses on publications and other documents.


Wharton Marketing and Communications Office
The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania
320 Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall
3620 Locust Walk Philadelphia, PA 19104.6107
+1.215.898.4853 phone
+1.215.573.5288 fax
editor@wharton.upenn.edu e-mail
http://www.wharton.upenn.edu (optional)

For office titles, the standard wording style is “Wharton Marketing and Communications Office” not “Office of Marketing and Communications.” (The only exception to this is “Office of the Dean.”)

“The Wharton School / University of Pennsylvania” (on two lines, no punctuation) follows the office name and precedes the building address. Exception: If personalized stationery does not include an office name in bold at the top of the letterhead, the address block begins with the address, not “The Wharton School.”

Room number, then building name. Never abbreviate building names on external documents. Avoid the use of “Suite” (e.g., 1030 Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall; not Suite 1030 Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall).

Street address follows building address. Do not abbreviate unless required to avoid a line break.

Use periods (not hyphens or parentheses) for zip, phone, and fax numbers.

Use lower case for all phone, fax, and e-mail information.