Wharton Logo and Name

The Wharton logo and name are two of the School’s most important and visible brand assets, and we all share responsibility to ensure that they are used effectively. In this section you will find guidelines for the correct use of the School logo and its name.

Official Logo

The official logo of Wharton must appear on all collateral representing Wharton. It signifies Wharton’s relationship to Penn.


Before you use the logo: Are you using the School name and marks correctly? The School has guidelines for specified users: faculty & staff, students, alumni and external groups.

The School Name

The name “the Wharton School” is used for the School and its administrative units. When representing the School, use the “The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania” or “The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania” once in every communication. Note: When used in the middle of the sentence, the “T” in “The Wharton School” is in lowercase.

In normal day-to-day written and verbal communications, and after the first reference, the School can be referred to simply as “Wharton” or “the School” (capital “S”).

The Wharton logo is part of the University of Pennsylvania’s overall identity system. See all Penn logos.