Joint-Venture and Partnership Logos

The naming of administrative units, programs, and initiatives of the School follows a consistent strategy across its products and services. Any affiliations with other groups, separate identity elements, or naming of products will require compelling reasons to be allowed and must be authorized by the Dean’s Office.

The Wharton Logo, or any of its elements, may not be combined with any other logo unless specially approved. If you are confronted by a situation that cannot be resolved by following these specifications, please contact


  • All naming should clearly describe the program/initiative and should not be confused with other official programs of the School.
  • Naming of such partnerships should include “Wharton,” where possible. If Wharton is the senior partner, the Wharton name should come first.
  • Avoid using hyphens to link names of partner companies. e.g. “Wharton and IMVP” or “Wharton / IMVP” is better than “Wharton—IMVP.”

Logo Use

The School, at times, develops programs with other organizations to create co-branded products.

(Note: Light blue area around the Wharton logo indicates clearance. Please review the  Basic Logo Usage page for details).

2021_wharton__Joint Venture-Partnerships


  • These products should not develop a special logo, but should display both organizations’ logos without any alteration or additional branding elements. Add sufficient space to separate the logos to avoid any appearance that Wharton and the partner entity are part of the same organization.
  • In the case of a joint venture with another institution, organization, or program, where Wharton is the senior or equal partner, the Wharton logo should appear first (left position in a side-by-side format). All logos must be used in approximately the same size, weight, and proportion.
  • In cases where the partner organization does not have a specific logo, recommended fonts or another complementary typeface (font) may be used for that organization.
  • It is recommended that the joint-venture logos be created at a relatively large size and then scaled up or down as necessary. In creating the original artwork, anticipate the finished size so that the correct Wharton Logo (large or small size) is used.