Ordering Wharton-Branded Merchandise

Purchasing and Approvals

Only an official division of the School can authorize use of any marks/logos – in this case, your relevant Wharton Program Office.

Note: University brand guidelines are subject to change and that products bearing Penn’s trademarks are always subject to larger university review.

If students pay for the items themselves, it’s not exempt from royalties. If they pay through a University/internal account, then it is exempt from royalties.

All requests must go through a licensed vendor. This way the design and vendor are checked and approved. Penn Purchasing Services has selected three preferred suppliers for the purchase of promotional items and apparel: Promoversity, Geiger and Proforma Spectrum Graphics.

Find additional, licensed and approved promotional items suppliers by visiting http://cms.business-services.upenn.edu/penn-branded-merchandise-and-licensing-information-sub/information-for-university-departments-sub.html.


When approval is given for use of the student-initiative version of the Wharton logo, that approval does not automatically include use of the logo on merchandising associated with the event. Only an official division of the School can authorize use on merchandise – in this case, your relevant Wharton Program Office.

  • Reserved for anything that embodies the educational and professional mission of the best (well, most notably public…) version of the school
  • Associated with prestige, professionalism and hard work
  • Reserved for student conferences and, in a few cases, school-sponsored professional treks (NOT parties)


You may not create products with the official marks. However, you can find a wide assortment of Wharton-branded merchandise at the retailers below:

Available in the store for pickup. Penn and Wharton merchandise are also available online.

For larger orders. To select the Wharton logo, go into the order section and click on “Add Art.” It will open up the Art Gallery. Select the first link, called “Penn Logos.” Logos of all Penn Schools, including Wharton, are available.

High-end products including watches and jewelry.

One Exception for Official Clubs

If you are an officially recognized club, the University allows the use of the shield with the name of the club, followed by “At Wharton.” This allows the club to acknowledge the connection the University without using any logos or trademarks.

EXAMPLE: The Hockey Club at Wharton

  • Approved clubs may use the Penn shield, with standardized text/design, “—- Club at Wharton
  • Imitation of the brand counts; keep any “spirit gear” clear of logos, mentions, etc. that conflates a club with the “official” Wharton or Penn
  • All requests must go through a licensed vendor. All requests are reviewed by Penn Business Services office