Primary Fonts

The fonts that represent Wharton pay tribute to its heritage and represent its future vision.


Fallback Fonts

There will be times when Garamond Premier Pro and Whitney may not be available— the computer being used may not have the fonts installed or in web application where system defaults must be used.

When the primary fonts are not available these fallbacks should be used instead.


Platform Fonts
Platform fonts may be pre-installed on the machine you are using depending on the operating system and installation package. If the primary fonts are not available these should be the first fallback font if they are available.


System Default / Web Safe Fonts
System default fonts are available on all Mac and PC computers. These fonts should be used as a last resort if the primary and platform fonts are not available. System default fonts should always be specified in web applications when the primary fonts can not be embedded (e.g. email templates) and always as fallbacks in CSS font stacks.

Sample Settings