Student Correspondence and Academic Cards

Academic Cards

Wharton students enrolled in degree-granting undergraduate, MBA, and doctoral programs may purchase “academic cards” from Wharton Printing, which can help facilitate face-to-face networking and event planning.

Guidelines for Academic Cards

Information on academic cards is strictly limited to the candidate’s degree program status and personal address and contact information. Either current or permanent addresses may be included.

  • Do not mention your club or organizational affiliations on your academic card.
  • Doctoral students are permitted to list their departmental affiliation.
  • Wharton cards may not carry a school logo other than that of Wharton.
  • Wharton cards may not display a student’s office address.

Professional certifications are allowed only for graduate students, and these standards are maintained by the Graduate Division.

How Do I Order My Academic Card?

  • Wharton cards can only be obtained through Wharton Printing. Orders are processed on Bursar billing to confirm the student’s enrollment in a degree-granting program.
  • Personal business cards printed elsewhere are not permitted to reproduce the Wharton name or logo.

Correct Academic Card Layout

Follow this format

Full-time day program

BS Candidate or BS in Economics Candidate

Coordinated dual-degree programs

Student Name
Management Technology Program
Class of 2016

BS Candidate, Wharton
BSE Candidate, Engineering

Other dual-degree programs

Student Name
BS Candidate


Student Name
BS in Economics Candidate
Class of 2009

BA Candidate
School of Arts & Sciences

Follow this format

Dual-degree programs

Student Name, Professional Titles
MBA Candidate
Class of 2016

JD Candidate
The Law School

Lauder students

Student Name, Professional Titles
Lauder Institute of Management
and International Studies
Class of 2016

MBA Candidate, Wharton
MA Candidate, Arts & Sciences

Doctoral students

Doctoral Division: Name of Division
PhD Student in Marketing

PhD students are also allowed to add their departmental office address.

Student Signature

When corresponding with external constituencies as a Wharton student, information provided on the student academic cards must be used.

Correct Layout for the Student Signature

Jane R. Wharton
Undergraduate Candidate, Class of 2021
The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania

Wharton Official Stationery

Students and student organizations may not use Wharton Official Stationery for their initiatives – it is only for official School use by a Wharton office/division.

No unauthorized stationery may be printed using the Wharton School name or logo in any of its forms.

Email Signature

Set up the defaults in Outlook > Preferences.

  • Font style of signature: Calibri, size 12pt
  • Name: Font color black and bold
  • Title: Font color black and italic
  • Address block: Darkest gray color (RGB 68, 68, 68), and not bold